6 Phases of the Aida Water Garden (AWG)

The Aida Water Garden (AWG) is a project led by 1for3.org in partnership with Lajee Center in Aida Camp that will be implemented on the only remaining green space in the camp. It will provide urgently needed facilities for camp residents. The AWG will be completed in 6 phases:

1) Build Water Cisterns for Storage and Usage (partially located on land previously purchased by Aida camp residents)

  • Rain water cistern x 2 (350 m^3 and 370 m^3)
  • Flood water cistern (2000 m^3) with Wadi concept for water purification
  • City water cistern (900 m^3) for drinking water

2) Purchase existing basement in adjacent building for preschool

  • AM and PM preschool will serve 200+ children

3) Purchase existing 1st floor in adjacent building for Yasmine's Clinic (in honor of the late *Yasmine Benhamida-Malak)

  • Clinic will serve Women and Children in preventative, pediatric, and GYN care

4) Implement Rooftop Gardens

  • Continuing a successful pilot program, 30 families identified as "food insecure" will be provided with materials to build sustainable rooftop gardens serving ~200 residents

5) Develop Recreational and Bathroom Facilities

  • Multi-use sports field with artificial turf (that also serves as a rain filtration system; clean water is stored underneath) to serve all children and youth in the camp
  • Public bathrooms and showers available for all residents while enjoying the Aida Water Garden

6) Support Media Center
In order to multiply the effects of AWG, the process will be documented and shared among other refugee camps. This replication of education and advocacy in 12 other refugee locations will ensure successful, sustainable projects. The ultimate benefit is the empowerment of the future generations.

Who is involved?

Aida Water Garden Executive Team
Nidal Al-Azraq, BA; 1for3 Executive Director

Raja Bentaouet-Kattan, PhD; Senior Education Policy Specialist, World Bank

Amahl Bishara, PhD; Media and Outreach Coordinator, Assistant Professor Tufts University

Gina Caligiuri Kurban, M.Ed; Education Coordinator

John Durant, PhD; Associate Professor, Tufts University

Andrea Hansen, MLA; Harvard University

Annette Huber-Lee, PhD; Senior Scientist, Stockholm Environment Institute

Basim Kattan, MS; Waste Water Management Infrastructure

Raymonda Khoury, Esq, LLM

Andrew Kurban, DDS; Project Coordinator

Carina Kurban, Marketing Director


Established in 2009 and committed to basic human rights, 1for3.org is a team of dedicated experts in a variety of fields. The team includes professors, graduate students, and professionals from renowned universities all over the world. The Aida Water Garden project is the first of its kind and will have a sustainable impact on the lives of the refugees of Aida Camp and beyond.

Aida Camp, Bethlehem

  • Established in 1950
  • 6,000+ residents in a 0.66km^2 area
  • ~50% under 18 years old
  • Hosts refugees from 17 demolished villages in Palestine

Lajee Cultural Center (www.lajee.org)

Established in 2000 by a group of committed volunteers, the Lajee Cultural Center focuses on:
  • Media education
  • Environmental education & projects
  • Musical education & dancing
  • Local & international summer camps
Lajee also facilitates the Refugee Youth Forum (RYF), a platform for youth participation within human rights research, media, and social justice. The RYF targets 73 youth participants in 12 different refugee camps across the West Bank, who are involved in a wide range of activities including educational and training courses, networking, awareness training, & advocacy. (ryf.lajee.org)

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