Video Gallery

Water is a Right for all. A gigantic thank you from the kids at Aida camp for everyone who walked for 1for3. [ link to video ]

A week for Health & the Environment in Aida and al-Azza refugee camps touches up on 3 major projects 1for3 has done for the Aida community. It features Tom Schneider, a helper in the rooftop garden project, a physician that treated patients during medical week, and members of the WSSS team that led a new water testing program in al-Azza camp. [ link to video ]

Everyday Nakba: Provides 2 very compelling stories from families struggling without water. [ link to video ]

The Water Project in Aida Refugee Camp in Bethlehem City, Palestine (1for3) shows even more of the projects 1for3 has done and the impact they had in the community. [ link to video ]

Growing a greener refugee camp gives a voice to several families that implemented rooftop gardens and how helpful it has been to them. [ link to video ]