Community Health Worker (CHW) Program

Based on 1for3's ongoing site visits and the experience of its medical team from the Division of Global Health Equity of Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston (a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital), we propose to implement a novel way for the region to address medical care issues. Our CHW Program will provide the best ROI (Return on Investment) by delivering a cost-effective (less than $24 per person/year) and sustainable healthcare system to the population. Over three years, 1for3 will hire and train 40+ CHWs who will be the day-to-day healthcare contacts in Aida and al-Azza refugee camps (pop ~ 7,500). The CHWs will report to CHW Managers who will confer with physicians. The physicians will be able to facilitate the refugees' access to tertiary care, laboratories, and pharmacies.

1for3 will initially focus on the most significant disease burdens: high blood pressure - and its ensuing cardiovascular impact - and diabetes. In the following years, 1for3 plans to include maternal health care and pediatrics, thus addressing 80% of the Palestinian health care needs. Simply put, these steps will reduce/minimize the progression of these diseases, thus providing better and longer health outcomes. This approach reduces cost, by ensuring patients' compliance with medical regimen by direct and personalized patient contact, thus minimizing uncontrolled progression of diseases that result in more expensive interventions and more detrimental and costly health issues in the future.

Launching the new environment unit at Al-Walaja Village

Despite the ongoing restrictions and confiscation of land and water in Al-Walaja Village, the work of the Environment Unit is making a difference. Thanks to the Palestine Foundation, WSSS program at Tufts University, Lajee Center, and the wonderful people of Al-Walaja for partnering with in launching the Environment Unit. This is the first step toward replicating the successful example of Aida Camp’s Environment Unit in Al-Walaja. If you want to get involved, send us a message!
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