Health & Wellness Club is a big success!

Your support is making a difference! After two successful medical missions to Aida and Al-Azza Refugee Camps with incredible doctors and nurses from the US, we have started a Health and Wellness Club that is being run by community health workers from Bethlehem City. In March and May 2017, doctors from Harvard teaching hospitals will return to continue their work with the local community. This is one way our work is empowering the local population and we cannot do it without your support.

Rain Catchment Cistern is now COMPLETE!

Due to the success of our Walk for Water 5K in April, 2016 and with the collaboration of our partners Lajee Center who coordinated everything, we were able to build a 180cm rain catchment cistern to help alleviate the water crisis in Aida Camp. Water is the key element through which all of 1for3's programs are able to exist. We are Watering the Seeds of Hope in the form of education, healthcare, food security and other basic human rights. These programs are growing and beginning to bear fruit! Our 2nd Annual Walk for Water 5K will be on April 22, 2017. Click here for more details.

Making progress!

Water Testing Programs are now being replicated in Al-Walaja Village and Al-Aroub Camp. One of the many things our Environment Unit Director, Shatha Al-Azza is doing is leading a dynamic group of students in testing water for residual chlorine and bacteria. Another empowering program that we are proud to fund! We hope to expand this program that began in Aida and Azzeh Camps to a total of 12 refugee camps in the West Bank.

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